Minna Mahler Collegiate Club


Minna was the ultimate leader.  She helped write the original sorority constitution and, fittingly, went on to become the sorority’s first International President.  Minna made doing the right thing (or Justice) her life’s work. She served on the United Nation’s Human Rights Committee, and as a UN observer, worked tirelessly to bring about world peace and justice for those in need.

Minna believed that the Sorority was a leadership incubator, a place where women practice their leadership skills before going on to make a difference in the world.  When you join the Minna Mahler Club, you honor Minna’s legacy of justice and leadership by
supporting your sisters.

Join Today: Collegiate members who personally donate* $25 per year for 4 years (or reach $100 in personal giving) become members of the Minna Mahler Club.

To Thank You:  Donors are presented with the Minna Mahler pin. You will be recognized in the online TRIAD and at the biennial International Leadership Forum for your generous support.

*Chapter donations on your behalf are not eligible