Leadership Conferences

The leadership drive cultivated in our sisterhood, drives women to take initiative and attend leadership trainings that are offered across the US. These events focus on developing chapter values, community building and networking. Above all, they challenge our women to come to back to their campuses and enact positive change.

Similar to Delta Phi Epsilon’s Engage U and the International Leadership Forum, these regional conferences develop leadership skills with practical application from renowned speakers from across the United States. The days are filled with keynote speakers as well as numerous breakout sessions with anything from “How to enhance your New Member Education” to “How do I use my Greek experience to boost my resume.” The value is not just found in these sessions, but by the opportunity to network with other collegians from across the country and gain networking experience.

These events such as Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI), Northeast Greek Leadership Association (NGLA), Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) and LeaderShape are leading and innovative in their material and programming with leading professional speakers.

The Foundation intends to regularly offer scholarships to collegiate sisters to attend these conferences and those hosted by other student development organizations. By attending these events our women are able to make an impact as a woman of Delta Phi Epsilon.

Limited number of scholarships to collegiate sisters are awarded from time to time. Please contact your membership manager for more information.