Guide to Giving

Each year, alumnae, undergraduates, friends of Delta Phi Epsilon and family members, generously support the Delta Phi Epsilon Educational Foundation. These contributions help advance our women through educational initiatives, scholarships and leadership development. Your support each year is needed to ensure continued success.

Delta Phi Epsilon has a strong and strategic vision for the future, including even more innovative programming to develop our members, opportunities for undergraduate and alumnae to connect, and vehicles to put Delta Phi Epsilon on the global map as a developer of women.

To read more about the new giving societies, click to download our Loyalty for the Purple and Gold Guide or to view please click here
Lifetime Giving Societies:

Order of the Iris: $25,000 and above
Order of the Pearl: $10,000 to $24,999
Order of the Gold: $5,000 to $9,999
Order of the Purple: $2,500 to $4,999

Giving Societies:

Minna Mahler Collegiate Club: $25 per year for 4 years (or reach $100 in personal giving)

Ida Landau Sustainer’s Society: Alumnae 1-14 years, $500 annual gift; 15+ year Alumnae, $1000 or more each year


Dimes for DPhiE:

Dimes for DPHIE (D4D): is a month long campaign in our founding month of March. Click here to read more about D4D.

Loyalty Chapter Program:

Work with your chapter sisters, alumnae and undergraduates to raise a minimum of $10,000 in a school year to bring the special benefits back to your chapter such as free registration to the International Leadership Forum and Engage U.

Tribute Gifts:

Sisters and friends of DPhiE may make gifts to the Educational Foundation in honor of special occasions or accomplishments of others, as well as to memorialize someone who has passed. With a gift starting at $5, The Educational Foundation notifies the honoree(s)/next-of-kin with a special recognition card.

Corporate Matching Gift:

Many employers provide matching gift incentive programs for their employees. Click here to learn how to take advantage of it.

Annual Donor Societies:

In 2016 we introduced our new giving societies for undergraduate and alumnae donors: the Minna Mahler Collegiate Club and the Ida Landau Sustainer’s Society.

     Minna Mahler Collegiate Clubbutton
Ida Landau Sustainer’s Societybutton

Planned & Endowment Gifts:

Donors are welcome to support the Educational Foundation through endowments, wills, trusts, insurance policies, pension plans and real/personal property.

Corporate Partners:

Anyone can choose to underwrite part of the educational and leadership portions of the International Leadership Forum, Engage U and volunteer training. Click for more information on opportunities.

Make a friend of DPHIE or Parent Gift:

DPhiE parents, family members and friends of DPhiE support the Educational Foundation annually because they believe in our ability to develop women personally and professionally. Click here to read more, and to make a Parent or Friend gift to the Educational Foundation.