Engage U

Engage U is a regional operations training program that provides resources and workshops for members and volunteers. Different chapters across the country host the one-day event each semester. The locations change each academic semester to ensure that all members can experience Engage U. On average, Engage U reaches more than 800 attendees every year.

Programming for Engage U includes intense interactive sessions where sisters challenge themselves and learn to improve the functionality and membership experience within their chapters. Through each session, members choose which sessions to attend to improve themselves both professionally and personally. Sessions include:

  • Justice, Sisterhood and Love is a session where members review the areas of operations that reflect our values of Justice, Sisterhood and Love.
  • Leadership for a Lifetime delves into leadership as a conceptual subject showing participants that Leadership is fluid, it grows and we grow and gives to us as we give to others.
  • Operations is where members learn about the chapter assessment program (CAP) and how it is an organizational tool to help grow and build a successful chapter. Participants leave knowing their organizations areas of strengths and weaknesses, and ways improve them.
  • Recruitment touches on the best practices around recruiting new members into DPhiE. This session’s mission is to facilitate the growth and strategy about recruiting through authenticity by communicating DPhiE’s community principles and values.

Your donation allows for the success of Engage U. In order to expand opportunities such as Engage U, we need your continued support! For dates and locations for 2019-2020 Engage U events click here.

What People are Saying…

“I was able to come back a better leader for my chapter because I felt refreshed and excited to input some positive changes!  I had a different outlook on my chapter and was able to use that to make my chapter better.  Engage U definitely changed my leadership style in a positive way and I’m so happy I was able to attend!

This past semester I signed a leadership minor and was able to start working and changing this with my Greek leadership class at CMU. Engage U has affected my leadership at my university because it has made me want to get more involved within my Greek community and implement positive changes that will make us blossom in the future!”

Kayla Curran, (Beta Phi, Central Michigan University)

I was excited to get more involved and get going to build my chapter. With all the connections I made [at Engage U], I could reach out to other sisters from established sisters and get ideas for philanthropy events, recruitment workshops and how to get other members involved and excited. I had so much knowledge to pass on to our other leaders. By getting the gift of leadership from EngageU, I was also enabled to give the gift of leadership to our L Team and other sisters. Its a wonderful cycle.”

Salina Michael, Founder (Gamma Sigma, Tarleton State University)

“I definitely came back empowered. My VPAA, who attended with me, and I talked all the way home on what we thought was helpful and how we could apply what we learned to our chapter. In being a newly elected president, I was full of nervousness and curiosity in attending Engage U but I left feeling excited and empowered by this amazing sisterhood I had became a part of. I think having this experience was vital in taking on my new position as president and being able to lead my chapter into further improvement and growth.”

Stephanie Lash, (Epsilon Mu, SUNY College at Brockport)

“Going to Engage U gave me new insight in the potential of my chapter. Before, we used to stick to the same schedule of events every semester. Engage U helped me realized there are endless possibilities for new events and that it is so important to be innovative.”

Katherine Bazley, (Beta Xi, The College of New Jersey)

“I feel like it affected me personally and professionally. Being from a small chapter in California I do not meet a lot of Deephers but with this opportunity, I was able to meet so many sisters that I now have a bond with. Personally the experience was really important and influential to me and my upcoming role as VPAA. Professionally, it gave me new tools to bring back to the chapter to help us succeed.”

Jaclyn Todd, (Epsilon Upsilon, Humboldt State University)